Notella – The Vegan Chocolate Hazlenut & Almond Spread

Notella -The sweet guilty pleasure of a slice of toast with a large dollop of Nutella.. Well it was my guilty pleasure until I ditched dairy (and all animal products). Yes, there are tonnes of dairy-free alternatives on the market but I wanted something different. Something not-so-naughty. Research was key for this and after writing […] Read more…

The Top Health Apps To Kick Start your Summer

  SUMMER IS HERE So now it’s here you’re in a panic to get your summer body ready, right? We always leave these things to the last second and then get upset that we’re not ‘where we want to be’ with our bodies. As I spoke about recently. Beach bodies are not for the beach, […] Read more…

My beachbody with hunkemoller

I’m waiting for summer… Much like most of the year! It seems to be so fleeting in England but neither the less I’m looking forward to it and my pre-beach body prep is well underway. I’ve cut back my weights and upped my cardio. Hello flat stomach! It’s really trying to break through – yes […] Read more…

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