Ugh, that morning feeling doesn’t doesn’t budge without a good cup’a..or does it?

Starting my morning off properly, and by that I mean productively, has always been a struggle. I’ve rarely been the ‘get up and go type’, I may hide it fairly well but that’s mostly due to hard work and planning. Getting up and ready with the motivation to get to work is all about getting into a routine and enjoying what you’re routine consists of. Those are the tips I’m sharing today.

I recently posted to reddit to give advice for those who need to stay focused when they’re working from home. Those are very similar to the tips I’m sharing today. So, here are my top tips to getting the ‘get up and go’ feeling for good.

Transitioning to vegan - It's all about surrounding yourself in the lifestyle and remaining positive.

Prepping Weekly – We all want to be more organised but it all boils down to actually doing it. Writing a simple list for your weekly tasks can set you up to organise and prioritise.

Something that I do is write a short 10 point list of weekly tasks. Check links, Network and update social media accounts. You could list the days that are preferable to complete those tasks or, you can just leave a to-do list of tasks to be done. A list with no time or daily restraints will give you the opportunity to remember what needs to be done and prioritise it as and when you get the time.

Buy a weekly notepad -or – Print a cute design !

Prepping Daily – Organising the day before is preferable. Only you know your schedule and daily planning means you can alter alter your schedule last minute. Now is the time to do it. I start the week by adding in my daily ‘must-do’s and alter them as each day passes. Making sure I leave Friday free! Make sure you know what’s going on the day before and do it which leads me to…

Know your prep – It’s all well and good writing a list for what you want to do and when you want to do it but make sure that you know that list. When are you leaving? How long do you have to do task D on your daily list. Track your day (making sure you know how long each task takes and when you want to have them done by) and stay productive throughout the morning.Your daily list can, and should, include the silly things you make not give yourself time for on a usual schedule;Mornings can be rough! Here you can find all the best tips on staying motivated and productive in the morning. From forward planning to eating right!

  • Get up – 15 mins
  • Exercise* – 20 mins
  • Shower & dress – 35 mins
  • Makeup & hair – 35 mins
  • Breakfast – 15 minutes
  • Check diary for the day – 10 mins
  • Last point to leave the house/ start other tasks. – 10am!

I add an additional 5-10 minutes per task just in case I go over time it doesn’t ruin my schedule for the next task. If you want to be precise and time manage you could always time yourself doing the tasks and give yourself an actual timed schedule for each task.


[Morning] TBD 11 am | Breakfast, 45-minute workout, Shower & Dress 1 hour, 2 hours of freelance writing. – Which means I need to start my day at 8 am.

Tips for improving your day

Stretch it out – Either physically get yourself in your yoga gear or just move around the house. Which is why I recommend placing your workout gear next to your wardrobe so you want to get up and move. Get some blood flowing and wake yourself up a bit before you get into your tasks. Something else that I find wakes me up is…

A great morning yoga routine or you could just go for a run!

Not pancakes or waffles everyday but..eating carbohydrates and fruits and breakfast is proven to boost productivity!

Eat properly

There’s nothing like starting a good days work to a healthy and, most importantly, filling breakfast. A filling and healthy breakfast isn’t hard to find either, grab yourself some fruit or some eggs. Here are some pre-prepped breakfast ideas;

  • Fruit! Just a simple fruit bowl never hurt anyone. It packs a sugary punch to a long day and offers water, fiber and vitamins in each mouthful.
  • Overnight oats – 3TBSP of oats soaked in water can go along way in the morning. Add in apples or banana for a sweetness to fuel your day.
  • Pancakes – Any type of pancakes, including gluten-free and vegan! They’re filling and you can top them with fruit and vegetables ready for your busy day ahead.
  • Fruit & Veg smoothies. Ah- You know I’m not a fan of smoothies because having fibre in your diet is super important but when you’re in a rush throwing in a bag of prepared frozen fruit into a blender takes less than 5 minutes and it full of so much goodness.  [ TimeSaver]
  • Toasty treats. The perfect quick breakfast. I have found some pinterest accounts that are dedicated to topping toast for breakfast ideas on the go. [TimeSaver]
  • Muesli – If you find your time limited you could always whack in some over night oats or prep some muesli in a travel mug! [TimeSaver]


There’s not a list on my site that doesn’t have hydrate on it. It’s such a vital part of life, enabling brain function and organs to – do their thing. Having a glass of water to start your day is a must! Not only does it make you feel healthier and more positive about your day it actually boost brain function enabling you to get on with your tasks. Of course, you can have a coffee or tea but make sure you get that water in you!


The easiest thing you can do? – If you really want to be focused and productive you just have to want it, do the prep work and save those extra minutes. I have a motivational board for extra tips and positive messages. Whether you’re trying to be proactive for work or for health all of the list applies.

If you’re planning a workout you could;

  • Prep your Breakfast & Lunch the night before.
  • Put out your workout gear ready to slip straight into.
  • Plan your workouts around your schedule; Cardio on a Monday, Glutes on a Wednesday.
  • Set a workout time and stick to it.
  • Stay motivated with Motivational Pinterest boards & find out how Instagram could help you lose weight.

Hopefully you can put these tips into place and your day is productive and positive.


10 comments on “Ways to start your morning proactively”

  1. Love these tips. They seem manageable to me, which is just what i am looking for at the moment. I am a lover of to do lists but have not mastered the morning routine yet…..

  2. This is a great post – so true, but nice realistic things to work into your routine! I set a lot of store by planning properly the night before – I feel all out of sorts in the morning other wise! Have a great rest-of-the-week! 🙂

  3. I drink 2 or 3 glasses of water when I wake up to start off my day & then meal planning, exercise routine are part of the routine. But here I’ve got some good ideas from your article. Thanks Amy for this article !! 🙂

  4. You’ve got some great tips here. I’m lucky enough to be a morning person, but I’m no longer organised like I used to be, so making lists is a good idea. I actually find smoothies to be a great source of fibre as I use the whole fruit or veg, so nothing is wasted.

  5. Lots of great ideas, Amy

    My preparation consists of meal planning, getting the things I need for the morning ready the night before and getting up early. I always start the day with a brisk early morning five mile walk too. Best way to get going and lovely experiencing the sun rise every day

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