Sugar fiend

Drugged up nation our sugar addiction sugar secrets

Whilst we may not think of sugar as a drug (It’s not classed as one) however, It has the same effects on the brain as opioid. Yup, drugs! Strong drugs , the ‘proper’ ones like heroin and cocaine…. Ok, you’re thinking I’m being over-dramatic, right? I’m really not, I always say that willpower will get you […] Read more…

The Results: The Secret Sugar Fiend (How to stop snacking on sugar)

  Don’t panic, this is probably the more popular category you’re going to find in the results. Who doesn’t love sugar? Whilst you’re probably thinking “I don’t have that much sugar” you’d be surprised how much secret sugar there is in foods, fruits, veggies and ready meals are jam-packed with the stuff.   So, what […] Read more…

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