Gin taste test with 31 Dover. You remember these guys, right? They have sent over some Twisted nose gin!

They’re the ones who sent over a bottle of bubbly for my 5k follower giveaway last month. The company were so thrilled with the entries that they sent me a bottle of gin to enjoy. In all transparency, they have asked if I could write a little something about it and I’m happy to do so. After all the gin tastes pretty damn good! Ah, not too fast though, we’ll get onto that in a moment…

As I explained in the Octobers giveaway, 31 Dover are a company who select the best wines of the month, along with hundreds of other alcoholic drinks (including Skinny prosecco) and they post them out directly to you. It’s not something I’d really thought about before, as someone who only drinks on special occasions or after a crazy week. Thinking about it, having the opportunity to order a drink, a specially selected drink, from home, is incredible.packagingfordrygin

Ordinarily, where would you go to get your wines, Asda, Tesco, perhaps M&S? Do they have the wine-skills and know-how to choice the right drink for you?

Definitely not. 

You do pay a tiny bit more for this service, as postal charges come in to play. I can get a Gordons bottle, of a similar size for around £25. However, in the grand scheme of things a £35 big bottle of extremely tasty gin (like twisted nose) delivered to my door is a pretty good price! I can’t get any good quality gins for anything less than £40 anyway! On a side note the packaging is 5* not only does it come beautifully boxed it’s super secure! Mine was thrown over a 6ft fence and came out fine, that was down to poor delivery men, who I reported, not 31Dover. Their parcels are clearly labelled fragile and made bullet proof, just incase.

Tasty-testing my Twisted nose

Num num num, gin in my tum.

Trying Twisted nose neat, was definitely eye-opening. I have tried only 3 types on Gin previously, Gordons gin being the one I most commonly drink. It’s mid-range and pretty flavourless so it holds lemon or tonic well. However. This gin, twisted nose Is a world in it’s own I want to keep it to myself in all honesty. From my reasearch of the company I believe that this is a limited gin, they only make a certain amount each year. So if you do try it, you’re in for a treat!

So if you do try it, you’re in for a treat!

Twisted nose was sharp and hosted a mixture of flavours. From High notes, Mild spices and a gentle floral scent it was earthy and peppery to taste. They were very faint but it really changed my perspective of what a gin was. It was iconically ‘gin’ as it had that sharp flavour but it was combined with so many hints of flavour that it could be combined with more than just tonic or lemonade.

Gordons Gin was strong and chemical tasting in comparison. Almost acetone like. Something I hadn’t really noticed before.

This gin, is huge! That’s a good looking bottle too isn’t it? Looks kind of familiar.Twisted nose gin photo of my face

Why a healthy blogger is talking about alcohol

I’m not a big fan of alcohol. By that, I mean I enjoy it on special occasions. I enjoy a good quality wine or a delicate bubbly but when it comes down to it, guzzling a glass every day is not something I do (Or advise). That being said, as a health writer and someone who advices on health I think having a good balance of ‘knowing what’s write for you’ is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight or achieve your goals, if it’s one of your weekly enjoyments then do it. Just be aware of the changes it can make in your motivation and aspirations.

Also, because I want to! I’m a normal person, someone who enjoys a drink every now and then and I love feeling ‘treated’ to something. Whilst I may not have had this treat if not for the blog it doesn’t mean I am not capable of making choices to treat myself. I’ll take any offers that a good brand sends my way, if that’s in my and my blogs, best interest.

This boozey bottle is definitely for the cabinet though. This is a special occasions bottle for sure!

Perhaps, I won’t go out and re-buy this after it’s gone (but I might get Tom to buy me one). However, it does make me think. If this experience can open my eyes to what flavours gin can have, we’ll definitely be going over to the Gin lounge in Birmingham to taste test different brands of gin, that’s for sure.




*The product was gifted to me because I’m lovely, so I can write freely and hope that you trust my honest opinion.

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. This gin sounds gorgeous, I’m such a fan of a nice gin and I love it when they are smooth and fragrant like you describe this one. It really is so different to the gin I used to drink too 🙂 Absolutely love the packaging as well. x

  2. ooo this is interesting. peppery came straight to mind when i saw watercress. I’m actually going to buy it for a friend for christmas if i can get my hands on it

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