Month: July 2014

It's super simple, and super tasty - Did I mention these are low sugar too? Oh, and it's Vegan! Enjoy some Sin-Free Brownies!

Lentil brownies | Paleo and Vegan

Deep chocolate sensation, with half the calories and only 2g of fat? Get out… No, no..seriously. REALLY. These vegan lentil brownies are low-fat and full of amazing flavour! I promise you, you really can’t taste the lentils as the vanilla and lentils just blend together amazingly. Full of nutrients and a nudge of protein to […] Read more…

Sorting out this summer: Work, jobs and E-books.

Hey guys,   So, I’ve been really knuckling down and trying to focus on what i love, as always.I need a job desperately, but i want to do something i can be successful in and to be successful for me it’s either by working hard or working in a job i love.So, I have set up […] Read more…

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