Month: October 2015

Scarily Good Soup / Butternut Squash and Sweet-Potato soup (V,Ve,P)

You should know by now that I love a soup, a good soup. A healthy, thick smooth soup, of course.. there’s always room in my heart for a thin or chunky soup but they’re a special occasion kind of meal.   Since it’s HALLOWEEN I thought I’d use squash, like in my previous (southern veg soup), […] Read more…

I’ll give you my heart if you promise to look after it /Organ donation

Today there’s been a lot of talk in the media to get organ donation up and running, ad campaigns, there’s a programme on Wednesday night, channel 5 “The gift of life” I’m hoping that it’s going to be good, they’re a few organ ‘receivers’ and their views on it.blood runs and tonnes of fund raising, […] Read more…

Can you be FAT + FIT ?

They’re not often associated with each other but they should be, so often do I hear   “I work out and eat fruits and vegetables but I still can’t lose weight” bearing in mind that weight is the wrong word to be using, read any of my previous articles for a full explanation of weight loss. Fruits […] Read more…

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