So last week I put out the Elimination diet, a lot of mixed reviews came back from it.Some had never heard of it, some had misconceptions of it but the idea of Eliminating foods from your diet is to find your intolerances. So many people think that healthy foods are the be all and end all of eating healthy but really?

Eating healthy is about eating what’s healthy for you, finding what your body does and doesn’t like by eliminating it.Well, that’s the premise anyway but sticking to it is another matter entirely!

Learning about my intolerances
Not too much difference but it was enough encouragement for me!

*In the picture you can’t see too much difference but all I cut out was dairy and gluten, my fatmass dropped by 3% and my waist shrank in just 4 days.
In a few of my previous posts I’ve snook in that I’m intolerant to dairy products and wheat, I can have it in small quantities but would rather not risk it. I only really learnt about my intolerances to foods when doing the Paleo diet during the summer of last year. Paleo has a lot of foods to eliminate but a range of new ways to eat fresh foods, read here.

Essentially paleo is an elimination diet as it cuts out a lot of problem foods. I’d had an inkling that I couldn’t eat much dairy and starchy foods before starting though, as I’d struggled with puddings and dairy-based desserts throughout childhood. When I finished my Paleo review month I really noticed what I shouldn’t be eating, the effects really showed upon the re-introduction. I’m talking explosive toilet habits..eep!

That was it, They were gone! No more dairy for me!

Negative thoughts on intolerances

I’ve written about it a few times, people get picked on and bullied for their eating habits, even I’ve been bullied about my eating habits, whether eating clean or eating what ever the hell I like. I’m still shunned for being “the healthy one”. It’s hard to eat without having questions on why you’re eating that or why you aren’t eating this.. regardless of whether you have an intolerance. People like to pick at other people’s habits. Gluten-free and vegans alike, you may as well have a bulls-eye target on your back!

No matter what if you have an intolerance or you just don’t eat certain foods you’ll betcha you’ve had a negative comment at some point. My vegan friend spoke about some of the comments she’s had and I’m always moaning on here about the comments I get from my food intolerances, but why?

Why are people so mean about either our food choices or our intolerance?? Because..People don’t understand. Either from not knowing or from not caring.Some diets are complex and some food intolerances are too so to understand them all is a big-ask but just be respectful other people’s allergies and intolerances. foods not pretty.


so, my foods not ‘naughty’

I can’t really eat bread, that doesn’t mean I’m on a diet or I’m being fussy. It means I don’t want to be in pain for two days over a bloody piece of toast, ok?

I’m intolerant of my intolerances!!

I hate that I have them, and sometimes? Yeah, I give in, I want to eat that piece of bread! Sometimes, I do want to be bloated because I feel low already and I love bread. I love the chewy goodness of it. Not all the time, but sometimes and yeah..

It feels soo good, to be bad.

There, I’ve said it. What a relief!

Being a health and fitness blogger is bloody hard, especially when it comes to following my own rules. I love being positive and putting out new information that people might not know. I want to think that in a few years time I’ve helped people with their weight, I’ve helped them over come the hurdles that once hindered them like they did me.

It’s hard to always eat clean and be healthy.. I cheat-eat all the time, I know the foods that I’m intolerant to and what my body doesn’t like to digest;
Wheat; White bread, Brownbread and cereals.
Gluten and yeast; Breads,pasta, cakes and ready meals.
Dairy: Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Chocolate. Cream and custard especially.
Oily foods, anything you’d normally class as unhealthy, but that’s a given to most people.

All of these things I now know my body doesn’t like, and yet I still eat them! That’s the thing though isn’t it? It won’t kill me or do me much harm, So why should I restrict myself…“for your health Amy! For your body!Think of your yellow bikini and your toned bod”

It’s all I want to say to myself…. But my hands, they’re thinking other things, they’re thinking that the chocolate is only in the cupboard down stairs..

That the healthy food I’ve eaten “makes up” for the calories, so I’m fine. Ugh.
It’s one of my biggest no-no’s that you can’t ‘make up’ for your calories,(check my checklist) always eat to have free calories banked, never to owe yourself to them.

I’ve written so many posts about my eating habits being naughty; Let her eat cake & Treat days being the most influential. For me I think that healthy balance of eating naughty makes me feel normal, If I lived alone and had no naughty influences I could eat vegetables and fruit 24/7 because I genuinely love the taste of fresh healthy food, but..

It’s those moments of seeing someone eating a packet of hobnobs.That gets to me!
I need that hit of sugar and I’m not ashamed of that, I just needed to share it with you.

I’m not your average fitness blogger, I’m your average Joe.

I love biscuits and cake but my battle with them should encourage you too, “if Amy can eat cakes and biscuits and still be positive then so can I”. I’m not in the big leagues of Fit-cetera or DaillyHiit but I’m someone, I’m someone who actively takes on the unhealthy habits of the normal world and talks about it.

And you can be better than me, eat healthier and take my failings as a lesson learnt.

An important thing to remember is, intolerance to foods is a serious condition, but it’s not limiting. Yes it can and should alter the way you eat, but don’t ever be defined by it…
Unless you’re allergic or will need hospitalisation, then just..ignore everything I’ve just said,sorry..that must suck.




Pop a comment, let me know what you think..