Month: February 2014

Starting my fitness career?

If you’ve been following my personal posts from the beginning ( probably not many of you), then you’ll know i’ve never had a passion for anything except for exercise. I know, i haven’t posted personal post in such a long time ( except for my race for life post), these are the posts i love […] Read more…

Race for life – Beat Cancer! – UPDATE

Race for LIFE   Pick up your running shoes or your purse! No, this isn’t a plea for you to donate to me, this is a plea to donate to your health. You can spend £15 and race and earn support for yourself, you can spend £15 and just not turn up, or you can […] Read more…

How i’m spending valentines day.

What to do for valentines day. I have bought my partner a selection of  ‘goodies’ to dive through on valentines day and instead of going out spending more money, we’re staying in and having a nice steak dinner and a film. It’s one of those things we don’t get to do, since we live separately, so the […] Read more…

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