Month: June 2014

Diary of a not-so fat girl- I’m THAT woman now.

It’s all really wierd for me. I guess I haven’t really gotten used to being the size, shape and health that I am now. Everyone knows, I haven’t always looked like this and trained like this, it took time,a hell of a lot of it. It took tears and sweat and most of all it […] Read more…

Lentil soup! – 5 Ingredients, no time at all!

A healthy hearty end to the day, it’s a spicy thick Red-Lentil soup with tonnes of goodness, did I mention its low-fat, but you could never guess! It takes like it has cream in it!   The Flavours are so gentle that it’s really a ‘get well soon’ soup. I wish I could change the […] Read more…

I raced for life 2014 did you?

I don’t quite know why I felt this feeling whilst running in a muddy forest trying my best not to land face first in a multitude of puddles and dog muck but I did feel it and I’m so glad I experienced it. EUPHORIA No, I’m not preaching to you, trying to guilt trip you […] Read more…

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