‘The run’ up to Valentines..

An update in the zainy world of Amy..Friday the 12th to Monday the 15th valentines weekend! We didn’t go out for a fancy meal, we didn’t gorge ourselves on cake..
We didn’t really do anything..

Hope you didn’t think I’d ditched my healthy ways.. I’m still trying. Well, I still like to think I’m trying, I eat well when it suits I suppose.But, Anyway.

Sleeping with Holland and Barrett & Baking for Valentines

Gotta love a catchy title!
I’m going to talk about my sleep tracking and my honest baking of my GF Red Velvet CuppyCakes

I’ve recently started a campaign with holland and Barrett to help enhance my sleep, needless to say they were very generous with the products they gave me (£100 worth) I really can’t stop ranting about t

Still not sleeping/Holland and Barrett sleep campagin

Luckily I’ve been working with Holland and Barrett for purelyamy, they’re doing a sleep campaign in march and wanted someone to review the products ( I cheekily asked for a giveaway pack too). So this morning two parcels arrived, they’re just bigger than a shoe box but on closer inspection they have;

Herbal sleeping tablets,
bath salts,
smelling sprays,
camamile cocoa & relaxing tablets.
I know, It’s just my luck for it to have come this month, since I’ve not slept in 4 weeks I bloody need it! So the box I’ve got is worth £100, which means my giveaway will be £100 worth of stuff!! I’m so excited as I know that Holland and Barrett don’t normally with bloggers so get a set worth that much? It means a lot to me.