How to stay fit on vacation – It’s a big worry for the majority of us sun, sea and sand holidaymakers…

Are you worried you may pack on the pounds when you head off on an upcoming holiday? The risk of adding extra calories to your diet when abroad is enough to send any dedicated fitness freak into a panic. Today, let’s discuss five ways to stay fit on vacation.

Today, Anna is popping by to discuss five ways to stay fit on vacation.

stay fit on vacation by swimming

  1. Swim when you can

I am a swim a-holic. Hence reviewing the aqua class a few months ago, you were bound to find something aquatic on this list! Swimming is one of the best exercises your body can experience. It works practically every part of your body, and provides both cardiovascular and aerobic stimulation for the body. Ultimately, it’s pretty much the healthiest type of activity you can get involved with.

The real beauty comes from the fact you’ll probably be able to swim regardless of where you head off to on your adventures. Whether it’s in your hotel or rented accommodation pool, or even the sea, you’ll be able to locate somewhere to go for a dip.

eat well to stay fit on vacation

  1. Portion Sizes

To stay fit on vacation – You don’t have to be extreme when monitoring your portions, it’s not about limit it’s about the quality. You should monitor your portion sizes when it comes to wanting to stay fit on vacation. This is something which is often overlooked on when you head overseas – after all, monitoring what you’re eating isn’t the best way you can be using your sun-soaked holiday time.

However, as much as it may frustrate you, this is something which is easily enough done regardless of what part of the world you’re in. Basic food ingredients might vary in their nature from place to place, but you can still keep an eye on how much you’re putting into your system. Remember the better the food the more filling it will be (most of the time).

  1. Walk more

Go on you heard me! – If you feel as though you’re not staying as trim as you could be, it’d be a smart move to avoid getting taxi rides or other forms of public transport when you’re out and about. This will both save money and encourage you to remain more active at the same time.

Keeping constantly mobile is always a smart way of helping those few extra pounds to stay away. Even something as simple as hiking is enough to keep your body in the “right mode” for weight loss. Being active always helps. Gentle exercise is better on the joints and the heart muscles, not over straining your body too much but increasing your caloric burn! Take it literally and ‘literally’ ‘stay fit on vacation’.

backpackers trying to stay fit on vacation

  1. Go on an adventure holiday

Kill two birds with one stone by heading off on a holiday which encompasses the best of both worlds – an escape from the daily grind and a fantastic way of keeping as in shape as possible. Buckt are a Birmingham active-health company who send out discounted activities locally, search for your home town’s activities and see if they cover your area too!

Adventure Worldwide provide intrepid explorers with a series of different types of getaways, including the likes of:

Getting involved with any of these active vacations will result in a far more effective calorific burn, and increase your chances to stay fit on vacation thanks to how much movement you’ll be doing throughout the course of the holiday.

  1. Create a fitness plan

This is an often over-looked step ahead of any holiday, but crafting a fitness plan for yourself is a wise way of helping to keep the flab from massing. This doesn’t have to be an intricate 20-step process. Just make sure you’re getting the blood pumping when you might otherwise be relatively inactive. Be proactive, be prepared and plan ahead. I hope this has inspired you to stay fit on vacation or at least given you a few things to add to your list when holidaying abroad.

6. Find a local Gym!

Where ever you are there will be a gym in the nearby vicinity. Why not try pre-planning your gym habit and use a gym tracker. There’s a site called Gym Nomad that is looking to expand to popular cities all over the world. Visitors can find a gym that’s local to their travel plans and buy flexible length memberships for their trip, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks whatever they need to suit their stay!

Stay safe, stay fit on vacation, stay healthy!

Amy-May Hunt

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