This is my butt, I love my butt.
I’m not a butt girl, I’m a b–bs girl, always have been..probably always will be.

BUTT, my friend really wants a nice but, and as the ‘fitness guru’ of the group, she came to me for advice.. on many occasions.I told her this:

  • Eat well
  • Drink well
  • Eat right
  • Work out hard
  • Recover properly
  • Work your legs and glutes like never before.
And she did, “but.. HOW do I work my legs and glutes?” Squats aren’t doing anything.. “it just hurts my quads”, this lead me to think… there must be something out there for building a good lower half.
So I comprised a routine to do daily.

**Update: 2016**
Much improved! I have since re-done this routine with Butt Building #2 with better pictures, information and guides including eating plans. If you’re really interested please go.
Butt-building routine:

Plank/Knee plank Glute squeezes: 

Start in plank position,either straight from plank or from your knees(depending on level, if you’re advanced i expect a full plank). Lift one leg so it is straight from your body and tense your Glute to make your leg raise. Repeat for 10.



Knee donkey kick backs:

From Knee-plank position, kick your leg up in 90 degree position, pulse your leg towards the sky for 10-15 reps.

Standing rear leg lifts: 
Stand up, raise your leg behind you as far as you can, tense. bring your foot down and repeat for 15 repetitions.
Repeat all of the above exercises on each side. 

Sumo squat:
Stand with your feet pointing slightly outwards. Take a weight from 5kg-10kg and sumo squat past your knees and tense your glute for 10-15 reps

Legs together:SQUAT
Its as simple as the picture shows.. I do this for 20 reps and repeat 3 times.


Glute Bridge:

Lie on your back bend your knees and have your feet flat to the floor.
Lift your hips up, tense your glute and touch back down. 20 reps.
The idea of this workout plan is to continue with your normal routine and then add EXTRA glutes workouts, this way you’re still burning your normal caloric-burn and then getting the bonus of the glutey goodness!

I really recommend that you do these every day, or as often as possible..for 4 weeks for 1″ minimum increment. I had to squeeze (literally) these in two to three times a week and achieved amazing results so I’m hoping you will too, but don’t be disheartened if you don’t bodies are all different!


Before and after


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..